The faithful defender of Justice! Holding a sword as weapon, he can generate amazing power while waving it.

A race that believe in the Ancient God, which can manipulate the trajectory of ice and fire elements. With their powerful control abilities, they are invincible on the battlefield.

For Gunners, Bows and Arrows are their lives. They can launch accurate attack from a very long range, destroying the enemy.

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Rotating Dagger:Swing the dagger to cause damage to and repulse nearby enemies.

Directional Mark:Mark the enemies, and control them for 1S in 3s.

Dagger Charge: Move forward speedily and swing the Sword, causing damage to the target.

Stab:Dash forward, causing damage to and repulsing the enemy.

Indifferent Whirlwind:Rotate in the same place, cause a Tornado to damage and repulse the surrounding enemies.

Frost Wolf Arrow: Release several arrows straight towards up front, causing damage and additional repulse effect.

Snow Movement:Release a Snowfield, causing 85% damage to surrounding enemies.

Winter Snowball:Cast falling snowballs, causing the 86% damage to the enemy in target zone and slow them down.

Powerful Crossbow: Release massive arrows successively, causing 288% damage to the enemy in the straight line.

Three Stabs:After attacking twice, Raid To The Front Of The Foe To Deal 197% DMG.

Spinning Slash:Raid To The Front Of The Foe To Deal 704% DMG And Repulse It.

Shield Guard:Set up a shield, causing 103% damage to enemies and taunt them.

Absolute Defense:Cast A DMG Reduction Halo To Reduce Received DMG By 30%, For 7s.

Energy Bounce:Release an energy Snowball, catapulting among the enemy, causing 133% damage and freezing them.

Energy Burst:Launch An Energy Snowball After Charging To Frozen The Surrounding Foes And Deal 636% Damage

Raging Energy:Fire two electromagnetic bombs that collided with each other then explode to imprison and cause damage by 141%.

Electromagnetic Shield:Release a pair of electromagnetic balls, imprisoning the enemy and causing 691% damage.

Flame Whirlwind:Cast fire wind to attack the enemy, causing 140% damage and additional Cauterize effect.

Flame Mark Imprint:Cast 3 Fire Pillars Below 3 Foes, Breaking Their Defence And Deal 705% DMG.

X-ray:After a short charging, release X-ray forward, causing 170% damage.

Electromagnetic Shield:Jump up in the air and launch X energy missile to cause 897% damage.

Element Burst:Control elements in a certain time to increase self-damage by 176%.

Frost Element Array:Summon a giant Tai Chi array to drag enemies within range to the centre of it, causing 816% damage and freezing them.

Red Card Rapid Fire:Launch the Red card after charging, causing 211% damage to the enemy.

Green Card Forbidden Area:After charging, launch the green card to imprison and cause damage to the first target then bounce to other enemy and cause 882% damage in total.

Element Burst:Swing the Sword to release a sword energy, sweeping enemies and causing 146% damage.

Frost Element Array:Summon An Elf Dragon Which Can Deal 1091% DMG.

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