Professions Gameplay

Three Professions with Different Skills

Swordsman: DSP and high agility; attack monsters at a remote distance.

Daimon: can both conduct control and mass damage; the mass skills are useful to kill monsters in instances;

Gunner: good at melee with strong CRIT attribute; high advantage in PVP combat;

Among so many skills, players may be confused and hesitate to choose a suitable one. Let me introduce some very useful skills of the three professions. Daimon, “Flame Wave” and “Ice Tornado” are recommended. “Flame Wave” is the shortest in cooldown time and it is AOE damage, very effective in early levelup. ‘Ice Tornado” is a mass attack skill, which monsters are inevitably damaged. Meanwhile, “Frenzy Slash” and “Axe Slash” are two typical skills of swordsman. Both skills are short in cooldown with quick moves. Gunners can focus on upgrading “Stormy Arrow”, which, with strong AOE damage, is necessary in killing monsters.
Each character has eight skills with two in one set. Players can choose only one skill in one set, hence, 4 skills at most. The skills can be enhanced only with gold. Players can strategically form a skill combination. What’s more, players can choose another ultimate skill, which is a rare skill of pet. However, if players are combating in certain instances or the pets cannot join the battle, such as Gold Dungeon, then ultimate skill is not available. Players must analyze the combination as well as upgrade of skills.

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