Instances Gameplay

A man with enthusiasm for life also enjoys himself in adventure. 3D RPG game—Fantasy Adventure is about to launch! From cute role design to various landscapes, Fantasy Adventure combined unlimited combat, abundant pet training, fashionable suits and cool mounts. In addition to mainline instances, adventurers may also experience other instances with fun and competitivity.

Take Challenges in Adventures

In instances of “Adventures”, players have to kill all within the given time. Different level is required in each difficulty, wherein are 3 stages. Players can get reward after passing every stage. An excellent adventurer shall never be satisfied until he cleared all stages.

Scuffles in Glacier Battlefield

Players can join one of three legions in Glacier battlefield. Single player’s power is not so important but rather, the whole team of one legion is emphasized. Earn rewards through killing other legion members, and get extra rewards through improvement of your ranking. You can also claim lotus on the lotus altar of your own legion and change for a better lotus.

Harvest Gold in Gold Dungeon

Gold can be used to enhance the skills and gears, etc. If you find you are lack of gold, you can harvest some in “Gold Dungeon”. Players can team with other 2 players at most. The more you recruit in your team,the more extra gold you can get. Only chest monsters can be found in the instance. The higher your level, the more degrees you can unlock.
Besides, various other instances are there waiting for your challenge, such as “Pet Adventure”, limited- time “Family War”, fabulous “ Dimension Team”, “Sky Dungeon”, etc. Hope you can conquer them all during your adventure!

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