Pets Training

Obtain Aide Pets

Pet system shall be unlocked when your level reaches lv.5. At the bottom of the main interface, click on Pet icon, you shall enter to summon pets. Also, you can claim pets in first topup page and VIP page. A good combination of pets shall facilitate your combat a lot.
All pets can be divided into 6 classes: R, S+, S, A, B, C. Based on their main technique, there are four kinds: attack, tank, heal(support) and control. You can check attributes and skills of all pets in the pet gallery. Choose your pets before you set foot into the battle, otherwise you can click on “Fast Fight” to select the pets with the highest power. The second pet position shall be enabled while the player reaches lv. 20, while in instances, such as Arena, 4 pets can enter the battle.
Many players enjoy the collection process out of love for the pet design.Would you like to collect as many as you can?
In Yin & Yang, the pets’ attributes are water, fire, earth and wind. Each pet has special battle position in different classes. Even within the same class, attr of pets are quite different. For example, in wind class, there are both attack pets and support pets. Pets of higher level are more powerful than those with lower levels. However, due to different positioning, the power difference may be shortened.

【Powerup of Pets】

It is just the first step to own pets, what is key next, is turn pets into powerful aid. There are several methods to grow a pet.

Upgrade:One of the fastest to increase pet power, but notice, the max level is the hero level.

Pet Equips:Each pet can wear 3 equips, which can be upgraded for better attributes.

Star-up:Use life essence and upgrade stones to enhance pets, pet stars can be raised only with lv. 10.

Refine:Refine function shall be unlocked after the pet reaches lv. 26. Extra attr and skills can be added to the pets and increase pet power.

【Bonus with pet fetters】

Among some pets, there are fetter connections. Pet team with fetters shall maximize the power in battle. Hereby let me recommend some pet team and their fetters.

Beginner level:S Performer---S Optimus Rabbit

This combination is a supplement of the hero’s lack of DPS. The fetter of the pets facilitates level clearance.

Intermediate level:S Performer--- S+ Moon Prophet(S+ Honey)

If you are facing the boss or other difficult DPS levels, you may choose this set of pets. The power can be quickly recovered.

Senior level:S+ Moon Prophet---S+ Honey

This group requires high hero attr due to weakness in DPS, and it is not so useful to clear levels with time limits.

Master level:R Hybrid Bear---R God’s Card JOY

The set has strong controlling skills. The pets can easily kill monsters along with the DPS of hero.

However, if you do not feel like continuing upgrading your pets, you can recycle your pets in “Pet Reclaim” or “Pet Recycle” to regain all consumed materials. There is also pet adventure with rich rewards.

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