Unique Fashion Suits

Fashion suits do give players confidence and sense of uniqueness. On the road of adventure, a fabulous suit is an absolute must-have. Whether you are a cutie, or cool boy with enthusiasm for fantasy, you can make your own ideal set of suits. Who shall be the brightest star in Lorant Land? Will that be you?
Different hairstyles are prepared for stylish you to increase your fashion level. Players can obtain hairstyles through topup and clearing certain instances. Whether long or short, black or white, pageboy or combover, just choose your favorite.
Do you believe the suit is only for showing? Then you are wrong. A combination could render PVP DMG bonus or PVP DMG reduction, which shall give you advantage while combating with other players.
3D role playing fantasy world, cool maps, and spectacular suits, all of this compose Fantasy Adventure. Rather than pursuing power up and unlocking more and more levels, collection of pets and suits is also enjoyable. Multiple directions suggest multiple gameplay, players can focus on just one main line or play with several key lines.

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